Duplicating Blocks

[color=#800080][font=comic sans ms,cursive]I posted another issue a few days ago, but unfortunately no one could help me it seems :( That issue was that I could not add any new categories to any block.[/font][/color]

[color=#800080][font=comic sans ms,cursive]NOW I am finding my site is randomly duplicating blocks. Guaranteed I have several blocks on my pages but they are all carefully planned. I certainly did not duplicate one. There 2 in admin, but only 1 shows in the front end…and if I try to disable one or the other, it will only disable the same one. If I disable the bottom one that is fine it will work…but if I try to disable the top one, it automatically disables the bottom one. I am getting extremely upset by this since I did not make any changes to my site that I know of. [/font][/color]

[color=#800080][font=comic sans ms,cursive]My links directory was recently hacked, and I am wondering if this is another dirty deed done by the same vandal :([/font][/color]


[color=#800080][font=comic sans ms,cursive]It “appears” I am back to one block for the above. This is so bizarre. Wish my initial problem would fix itself [/font][/color]:(