Duplicate Title Tags and Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Hi All,

We have a problem with Google Webmaster saying that we have loads of Duplicate Title Tags and Duplicate Meta Descriptions.

I have seen this thread [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=6873[/url]

but I can’t work out what the forum members say is the fix.

Can anyone shed some light?


Sorry,… been struggling with that one for a while too…

[quote name=‘moka’]Sorry,… been struggling with that one for a while too…[/QUOTE]

Glad I’m not the only one on 1.3.5SP3 struggling with this!

While I still have several duplications from category pages I no longer have the hundreds I used to have.

It boiled down, for me, finding out that I had somehow altered one of the “meta description tpl’s” and in essence hard coded the descriptions and that was all the search engines were seeing.

I then began the painstaking process of insuring that I had a unique “Product name:/Page title:” then while using those same words, as they are keywords, in the “META description:” plus adding more content to ease the confusion for Google.

This seems to have been the ticket for me.

Hope that helps.


Hi, could someone please help me as my products keep duplicating. I have manually deleted them and a week later duplicate products appear again.

When the product duplicates it sometimes duplicates with a products image ad sometimes not. Please could someone help with this.

Thanks so much

Me too… cs-cart is not prepared for the SEO… Anyway use the Canonical Addon by cscartrocks, you can find the guy in this forum…