Duplicate purchases modification


I’m looking for a modification that will notify my customers when they have already made the same purchase. I sell digital download products and some of my customers have accidently ordered the same design twice. I would love to know where to find a mod that will pop up and notify them that is was previously purchased.

This is different then something already added to the current cart.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have CS CArt version 2.2.4

Thanks in Advance


they can view all previous orders in the account / orders section and re order them from there if that helps


Thanks for your reply John. Sorry I'm just responding. I didn't get a notifcation that anyone responded.

My customers most likely will never order the same files again because they have already purchased them. I'd like a pop up message to notify my customers that they have already purchased that file and don't need to re-purchase it again. Some of these orders have lots of embroidery designs listed and it's a lot of trouble for them to dig and look to see if they have purchased the design on a previous order.

It needs to be something that will pop up once they try to add it to their shopping cart and before check out is completed.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks so much,


We have a mod to check if customer has purchased a certain product. Please feel free to contact us through this link.