Duplicate/Multiple orders from same customer

Over the past couple days, I have noticed that some customer orders are being duplicated/submitted multiple times when there only should be one. I decided to ask a customer today if they ran into any problems during checkout and there response was :

[quote]Everything went smoothly with the order process up until I had to click “place order” when I clicked this the page did not load right away. After about 3 minutes I decided to refresh and try again. So only a total of two times did I try to load the order confirmation page.


In the end, there were 4 orders placed for this customer. It seems to only be happening when they select the “credit card” offline payment option.

I’ve tried to duplicate the problem, but have been unsucessful.

Nothing has changed recently except a few days ago my host recompiled Apache to use the PHP module xmlrpc due to an issue I was having with wordpress. Could this be the cause?

I also read in another thread that this could be caused by the PHP handlers, but was wondering if someone could elaborate on that.