duplicate image question

Hi folks, while trying to resolve a seperatate issue with white borders around my sub-category thumbnails, I discovered a rediculous number of duplicate images in all sub folders of the /images directory.

Has anyone been able to make sense of how CS-Cart renames and uses images?

Some duplicates are necessary I’m sure, while others (i’m guessing atleast 50-60%) could get the chop without causing any problems.

I imported the images from (V1.x) and experimented with the features in V2.x -Administration > Settings > Thumbnails and Admin > settings > appearance almost certainly created duplicates. Now, how to tell which copy is which to help slim down the folders?

I’ve spent quite a few hours trying to grasp it, selectively deleting images, clearing cache and checking with firebug to see what’s affected with little resulting clarity of the overall picture.

Some of the thumbnail related anomolies i could use help with are:

  • a 1px black border being placed left and right of product thumbnails without me changing the CSS
  • a 10px white “frame” being placed around product thumbnails

    Any information that you have learned in developing your cart will be of value. No matter how obvious to you, it’s alluding me and likely other users.

    Many thanks,