Duplicate files imported when updating

Using the import function to import products that are downloadable, each time the product is updated using import, the downloadable files are duplicated with _1 etc. on the end. As with all the other data that is imported, it should only add files if none exist, or if it does not find a duplicate filename.

Basically, if you offer 3 files for download, and you update it 5 times, you will have 15 files listed. Not very professional.

Update: Well, I was half right. It apparently only does it if you create the product in the cart first manually adding the downloadable files, and then updating it using the product import.

In the CSV import panel there is option for “Delete all existing product files before import:”

OK. That will work. Thanks.

I use Fetch to upload files so I can't select that option when uploading.

Is there a way to solve this with out having to upload big files through a web browser just so I don't a a big file duplicated and taking up space?