Duplicate downloadable files


I’m having a problem with my CS-cart store which I use for downloadable products.

Whenever I add a file to a product, the file is stored in var/downloads/<-product id->/file. However, when a client makes a new order, the file is then copied to var/downloads/<-order id->/file instead of using the file in var/downloads/<-product id->. This is using a LOT of space on my server. What can I do to go around making duplicate files?

Thanks, Adrian.


What version are you using?

I am using 2.0.12 (previously 2.0.7 and never had any issues). I was alarmed by your post since I sell a lot of downloads. If that’s the way it was done, I would have been out of space by now. In my store’s /var/downloads/ directory there are only files saved under the product_id. I do not have any order_id folders. It looks like the store links customers directly to the files using the cscart_product_file_ekeys database.