Duplicate content

we currently run 2 cs-cart site's, one is for retail which 95% of business comes through, the other is for trade (wholesale) that almost duplicates the content from the retail site, obviously with different prices, less product range, purchase requirements, etc.

we're concerned that google might see this as duplicate content and cause an issue with our retail site.

is there anyway we can we can have the trade site in a sub-folder of the retail site? For example www.retail-site.com/trade-site

if its for trade only then disallow access for google to crawl it in robots.txt or ,htaccess or no follow attribute.I am assuming you allow only certain members access to it they wont need to"google" you.

Even if you have it in a sub, you are still in danger of duplicate content, google doesnt want to waste valuable front page space with 2 of the same product especially form the same ip address…its a no no. Stop it from being crawled,

Have your own site indexed and have a link on it to trade members site= more traffic and page views