Duplicate catogories names problem.

I know that SEO is renaming duplicates by adding en-2 but not sure why it does in my case.

Here is a simple example of my categories structure



What I don't like that in Pants category link for new becomes new-en-2

Is it possible to keep both “new” subcateogries" as single one and have one name?

No Maxt you need to have

Pants>New Pants>Used Pants>red pants

Shirts> New Shirts>Used Shirts>green shirts

also check your admin>addons>seo if you have language ticked in the url. (en)


Thanks for the suggestion.

Is it really ok for SEO to have so many duplication of 1 word in a link? store/pants/new-pants/used-pants/red-pants/fashion-pants.html

Depends what you mean by link, If you are talking about in the address bar the full path then this can be changed in the seo addon to be just www.your webaddress/fashion pants.html instead of the full paths.

As for the category names, this is ideal as it drills down in a logical order.


Catch 22.

The SEO path /category/sub-category/sub-category.html is good for SEO purposes, but having the URL too long has other negative impacts on your SEO.

URL's should be no longer than 2083 characters otherwise they will not render at all in IE4-8, so bear this in mind when creating subcategories with many parent categories with long SEO names.

Best practise: yourstore.com/category-keyword/subcategory-keyword/primary-keyword.html