Dsiplay Specific fetures on admin page products list

Hi all Cscart chef

Some advice will apreciate in my case
i edit this file “design/backend/templates/views/products/manage.tpl”
and i add to edit product code like in 2012 when i loved with cscart
i add:

<div class="product-code">
<span class="product-code__label">{$product.product_code}</span>
<input name="products_data[{$product.product_id}][product_code]" value="{$product.product_code}" class="input-short input-hidden{if $no_hide_input_if_shared_product} {$no_hide_input_if_shared_product}{/if}" />

and work and is ok
below this, i want to ad to edit a specific features id, and i add this:

<span class="product-features__label">{$product.product_features}</span>
<input name="products_data[product.product_features][16]" size="40" value="{$product.product_features[16].value}" class="input-short input-hidden{if $no_hide_input_if_shared_product} {$no_hide_input_if_shared_product}{/if}" /></div>

field is show, but empty
Can tell me what i am wrong here ?

Thanks all

Product features are not retrieved from the database on the product listing. Extra code modifications are required to get this data