Dropdown new functionality

I suggest you to increase dropdown functions (customer’s side)

  1. It’s should be a mega-menu

    2)In admin area we will have options: how much columns we need for one section e.g.: Computers - 3 columns, TV and Photo - 6 columns. In appearance section we will have option to set default number of columns, and if we don’t insert some number in columns section in dropdown popup, it will use that value - what was in appearance

Yeah, it’s a very good idea :)


Thank you for sharing your suggestions with us.

I would like to inform you that since recently we have started using the UserVoice service to accept new feature requests and suggestions on improving CS-Cart:


This service helps us give impartial estimation of the necessity to create a certain feature. Any CS-Cart user who is registered on CS-Cart Forums can vote for a feature and offer their own one. The most popular features have good chances to be developed and added to nearest CS-Cart releases.

We would like to ask you to post your suggestion to the CS-Cart forum at uservoice.com. The detailed information and explanation why this feature is important to be implemented will help it earn more votes and probably be among the top features that might be added to CS-Cart.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

http://cscart.uservoice.com/forums/40782-professional/suggestions/2247543-i-suggest-you-to-incdropdown-new-functionalityptio if someone intrested, please vote