Dropdown Menus just stopped working


For some reason my drop down sub menu items just disappeared from my Top Menu.

I have now gone through and replaced them in Admin > Design Top Menu

However they still dont appear on pages displayed.

Also, if I try to add new items, they get updated in Admin but dont show on published site and If i deactibve a top level menu item, still get displayed

Why has this happend, and how can I get my menus to display?

This is pretty urgent so I wil also post a support ticket.

If you have customization mode enabled sub menu of top menu wont show.

[quote name=‘hbtrading’]If you have customization mode enabled sub menu of top menu wont show.[/QUOTE]


This is stuck on in Enabled state.

It wont switch off!!! The Disable button doesn’t respond and I’m stuck in “Customizattion MOde”. If tried different PCs and different browsers. How can I switch this thing off??

clear your cache

Clearing Cache doesnt work. Site is stuck in “Customization view” and visitors stil get menus that dont work.

Surely there must be some way of fixing this problem!!.

Running this query in phpmyadmin will disable it

UPDATE `cscart_settings` SET value='N' WHERE option_name='customization_mode';

Database field was already set to “N”.

I’ve had to reinstall everything to get it working again.