Dropdown Menu links

I have a menu category (Systems) that drops down with the products inside. The issue I have is the links for the products within Systems, link to a page that list that product, you then have to click on the product one more time to go to the product detail page. I would like to bypass that list page and go strait to the product detail page. You can view the site at [url=“http://www.gondolatrain.com/app/”]http://www.gondolatrain.com/app/[/url] I did get the dropdown link to go to the product detail page but I have to add code for each product. It seems to me like there should be a better way of doing this, something like $item2.detail. Does anybody know how this can be done. Below is the code I added to make it work.```php

    {if $item1.$name == "Systems"}
{if $item2.$name == "Original Gondola Train Roller"}
{assign var="item_url2" value="http://www.gondolatrain.com/app/original-gondola-train-system-en.html"}
{if $item2.$name == "Blue Streak Speed Skate"}
{assign var="item_url2" value="http://www.gondolatrain.com/app/blue-streak-system-en.html"}
{if $item2.$name == "Orange Streak Speed Skate"}
{assign var="item_url2" value="http://www.gondolatrain.com/app/orange-streak-system-en.html"}
{if $item2.$name == ""U" Roller System"}
{assign var="item_url2" value="http://www.gondolatrain.com/app/u-roller-system-en.html"}
{if $item2.$name == "Pac Rat Speed Skate"}
{assign var="item_url2" value="http://www.gondolatrain.com/app/pac-rat-system.html"}
{if $item2.$name == "Glide Slide System"}
{assign var="item_url2" value="http://www.gondolatrain.com/app/glide-slide-system-en.html"}


Seems like you fixed it to me? If I click Systems>Original Gondola Train Roller, it takes me direct to the product page, not the product list page as you describe. As it appears you have fixed the issue, it would be helpful for others to post your solution.

The code I posted does make it work, what I was asking is if there is a better way of doing it? It seems to me like I should be able to do the same thing without having to assign the link for each product. I would think that the product detail link is already assigned to a variable so I do not have to assign the link for each product but instead just place the variable in href=“{$variable-to-detail-page}”. I know I did make it work but I guess I just feel that it is more work then it should be. If I had hundreds of products under Systems then the way I am doing it would take a long time and add a lot of code to the page.

Do you mean each of the category has only one product? Then redirect to the only one product page from category page mod should work for you as a general solution.

Yes, each category only has one product. Are you talking about a add-on? I do not see where I can redirect to a one product page. We are on cs-cart version 3.0.6, can you please let me know how/where I can change this? Thanks

Where should I put such a code?