Drop Shipping

I’m new. I have a couple of products that friends manufacture and would like to sell them on my store but have the order go to them for drop shipping. I am unclear as to correct terminology I think as I can’t turn up the information I need via forum or knowledge base to learn how to set this up.



The keyword you will want to search for regarding CS-Cart forums, usermanual, etc. is “Suppliers” :wink:

You will want to setup each “friend” as a supplier (not customer), and then select their name when you list one of their products for sale on your website.

Be sure to “enable” the supplier add-on in the admin panel so these options will show up for you.

I currently drop-ship with 129 suppliers, so if it can work for me I’m sure it can work for you.

Best of luck on your new shop!

Thank you. I think I’ve set it up correctly. I may do more with the drop shipping then what I have. Do you (Chef Joe) have other recommendations to enhance it?