Drop-ship Shipping Methods on Invoice and Email


I drop-ship ship some items in my store. My issue is how the shipping methods and shipping costs are reported in the email sent to the drop-shipper (and me) and how they are displayed in the Admin when reviewing/printing an order with multiple suppliers with multiple shipping methods.

I would like to know what others do.

The problems are:

  1. The default email that goes to the drop-shipper indicates on the bottom, the shipping cost (the amount charged to customer). This is irrelevant. What the drop-shipper needs to know is the method selected for shipment. Does not need to know what the customer paid.

    Has anyone modified the default email to drop-shippers to include the shipping method selected by the customer? How can this be done? Where would the information come from? It was there in the cart.

    Also, is there a way to have a different email for each supplier?

  2. The order invoice, when viewed in the admin, summarizes all the shipping methods at the top where it says:Shipping Method, ie: FedEx Ground, Priority. And, the total of the shipping charges at the bottom.

    You can’t tell from the default invoice which shipping method goes with which Suppler/Product and the amount for each method.

    Has anyone modified the invoice to show this? And, what would be a good layout to include this information?

    Thanks for any input on this.


This is an old thread, and perhaps it is in the wrong forum, but very important issues raised here.

I need this also.

When you have similar products being shipped by different suppliers and different shipping methods.

It is very important to have :

  1. Shipping Method shown on the Supplier Emails.
  2. Shipping Method shown in each Product Description of the eMail Invoice .

    3. Shipping Method shown in each Product Description of the Admin > Orders.details page.

    Has anyone done this yet?

    Should this thread be relocated in the “hints and Modifications” forum?

    Help appreciated