Drop Down Menu Item Limits Change


I have created a top menu object & have associated it with a Category. I have around 10 items in this category but when I click my menu object I just see 4 items not 10 without an option such as 'View more' or some kind of indication that there are more items to be explored.

Any idea where is this setting?

I am on 4.3.5 version.

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Dear Fahad,

Please check top menu block settings:


Thanks eComLabs!

Your answers are always to the point ! :)

You are welcome! :)


i want to show 8 sub-categories in a column in dropdown and if it contains more than 8 subcategories it should create a second column in dropdown and move into it

anyone hv idea how to do this


We can offer you two ready-to-use solution:

The add-on "Accordion menu" displays the category menu in drop-down in a side block on the page you want.

Or the CS-Cart modification "Mega Drop Down Menu" that allows to organize products due to groups of options, insert pictures in the menu or add sub-levels in the menu panel, that will be shown on hover.

But, as I understand, none of these solutions will meet your demands fully. We can change any of these add-ons due to your requirements and it will be cheaper than to create the modification from scratch. Contact us.

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