Drop down boxes in categories gone?!?

I bulk added a bunch of categories, and afterwards the drop down box changed.

Usually, you can select a category or categories from a drop down box with | denoting level 2, level 3 categories but everything has been replaced by a selection box.

Does anyone know what happened here? Attached is a jpg of what I am seeing now.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Drop down boxes gone.jpg

You can increase the threshold for the number of categories retrieved in config.php:

// These constants define when select box with categories list should be replaced with picker
define('CATEGORY_THRESHOLD', [B][COLOR="Red"]100[/COLOR][/B]); // if number of categories less than this value, all categories will be retrieved, otherwise subcategories will be retrieved by ajax
define('CATEGORY_SHOW_ALL', 100); // if number of categories less than this value, categories tree will be expanded

Change the bit in red to a higher number.