Dreamweaver...just getting started (vers2.14)

I am still kind of new here. I would like to do my template editting using Dreamweaver CS4. Can I just download the whole “Skins” folder (and sub folders). and edit away? I am connected via Dreamweaver to my remote site. Also I understand that the newer versions of Dreameaver will work with tpl’s?

or… do I have to actuall install the entire CS-cart on a local host. Would apreciate some direction. Thanks.

All you need is the skins, but you can only use Dreamweaver as a Code editor. The Design View (WYSIWYG part) of Dreamweaver does you no good when editing tpl files.

Thanks. That is fine, as I am somewhat familiar with coding. To steer me in a direction, would you recommend a more efficient way than using Dreamweaver?

Also I see that some people use PSpad. Do you know if that would be a more practical edittor to use?

For my non Cs-Cart sites I use Dreamweaver. For my cs-cart sites I use [URL]http://www.pspad.com/en/[/URL]

Excellent. Good info. Thank you.

Or [url]Notepad++ is my choice

Thanks Texas guy.

I will check it out. I seem to be doing okay using firebug to evaluate code & Dreamwever to edit and upload. Might be the long way to do it, but working so far.