Dreamweaver CC and setting up a test server

I can't get this working after studying tutorials and trying everything I can think of.

Any ideas how to get this to work? I keep getting an error in dreamweaver when I open a php file and try to discover related files:

Dynamically related files could not be resolved because your credentials do not allow file activity on the server.

I have googled this to no end. Not much help out there regarding this issue that others also seem to be having. I have set up a local testing server but it also does not work.

Any ideas on how to configure dreamweaver to work with cs cart?

Does your FTP work to your site via DW? That should be all the credentials you need.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes it works just fine. I'm at a loss with it. I installed Dreamweaver Cs6 some months ago and it worked fine with cs-cart. I'll keep looking into as I have time. If anyone has it successfully working I would appreciate some tips as to how you achieved it. The adobe help files are a bit outdated I'm afraid.

What files are you trying to relate? I think DW is only going to follow direct includes in php files. Forget templates (where it would be very helpful).