Downloads After Purchasing With Reward Points

I’m confused about how the customer is supposed to get his download link after purchasing a product and paying for it in full with reward points.

When a purchase is made as above, the customer gets an email stating the order has been processed, and is taken to a page where it shows his order, but when he attempts to use the download link it advises him that the download is not available until the order is paid in full.

I went in to order admin and changed the order status to completed, the customer received another email that his order was completed, logged back in, but still couldn’t download his product, got the same message about order not being paid in full.

I finally figured out that if I went in to order admin and then to the “downloads” link and set the downloads to “active”, then the customer would receive another email with a download link that worked.

Why doesn’t the cart give the customer immediate access to his download when he pays with reward points just as it does when he pays with Paypal or something similar?

Thanks, Lewis

Using 2.0.7 currently.

I ran into this same issue when a customer made a purchase with a coupon/promotion that paid for the order. I think the functionality is missing. I think this probably needs to be put in the bug tracker as either a bug or feature request. An option needs to be added that will allow us to automatically approve downloads that were purchased using reward points and/or promotions.