Downloadable products question

Hi there…

Perhaps I’m missing something regarding downloadable products but I can’t seem to make it fit what I need.

What I need is to have customers order a downloadable product that will be different for each customer depending on what they are asking for. The differences are limitless so I can’t simply put up all the variations.

I need a way for me to be able to upload the tailored product for the customer to download AFTER they have ordered and paid for it.

I hope I’m being clear :slight_smile:

Any help much appreciated!


I’m no expert but I think you’d need to make a few mods for it to work in this way. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too complicated to implement though.

Thanks, that’s encouraging. I hope someone can pointme in the right direction :smiley:

Hi andrewmaclean, as indicated by recedo, you will have to code it yourself. I’m using CS-Cart from months already, having a store selling digital products, and I can tell you that the feature you’re looking for is not available.

In case you are not able to code it yourself, I can suggest you to open a trouble ticket in the helpdesk area indicating your issue, the CS-Cart support team will surely be able to respond your query and will provide you with a quote for a ‘custom service’. Their prices are fair and the support is excellent. (Alex in primis) :smiley:

Good luck :wink:

ZulloP, thanks for that. I was thinking that might be what I need to do.

I’ll go ahead and do that.


They have not carried out any work for me yet but I am intending to get some done by them in the near future. The quotes I have been given are very reasonable.


Many thanks again Recedo and ZulloP! :smiley:

I lodged a request for customization with CS-Cart and got a very reasonable quote in response. Fits my timeline exactly too which is great!

Thanks for your help!