Downloadable good estore

It’s probably too late for v1.3.3 but I will post here few things that may be usefull for others using the cs-cart mainly for downloadable products.

Logs for files downloads

possibility to track the downloads per user and/or check through the order details how many times the file has been downloaded or the users who downloaded the file

Newsletter check box

possibility to send newsletter emails only to customers who bought a specific product ID. It may be used for products updates

Product reviews notification

the admin should receive a notification via email about a new product review awaiting for approval

RSS feed

possibility to have a RSS feed based on the latest news or new products addition

Download key

possibility to re-send the download key trough the order details


possiblity to add polls in the storefront

well… that’s it for now

we’ve downloaded one of the free polls from hotscripts and included a poll on our site, might want to try that untill we hear if one would be included in an update.

I’d like all of those features!

As for polls, like snorocket just said, you could checkout hotscripts to find one. I’ve seen some good flash ones in the past which would be real easy to add to your templates.