Download products/ services


Is there a feature / mod to (sell) downloadable products?

It’s already there. When you add a product, at the bottom there is a tick box “Downloadable product:”.

Thanks for the hint.

I see that a product get the status “this product is electronically distributed” after checking the product. But do have to save the file of that product anywhere to download it by a customer?

Would be great to extend the feature with:

  • maximum times to download by customer after 1 payment
  • maximum days to be possible to download the file after 1 payment

Yes. Once you have created the downloadable product you then click on the “File” tab to upload the file.

Sorry for bringing this old subject back up but QUESTION, if a customer pays for a product to be downloaded, can I set it up so they can only download the product once paid? I have payment options available like Money Order and Western Union, but want them to download the product only if it has been paid for. If its a credit card payment, I can see that a payment was processed instantly.