Double_Selectboxes.tpl Not Working Inside Models

Dear all,

I am currently working on conditioning visibility of the menu items.

For that purpose I am working on assigning countries per menu item from admin page.

So far I have added a table field named 'available_country' to the relevant table.

And I managed to add double_selectboxes controller to menu item edit model.

I also able populate the box with all country names for the same.

But the problem is when I click on left arrow '<' to move selected countries it does not move those countries to left side select box.

Could you please tell me how I can resolve this problem?


Has anyone experienced the same ? or am I trying to deal with the flow incorrectly?

Please advice


You may check if there is any js error in browser.

Thanks cscartrocks for your reply

Actually there is no any JS errors in the browser console.