Double Processing Issue In Function

I have a function in func.php

fn_myaddon_place_order …

In this function, I put a file on the folder on the host. By the same time, I want to send this content, which is put in place_order function, to customer at the bottom of the invoice. So, I created and passed the variable in fn_myaddon_place_order.

Like this: ```php


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I can get this content in tpl but the file that is put in place_order function is being put twice. So, it is being put one time when I don't use {$variable|fn_myaddon_place_order} in tpl.[i] ($variable returns content of the file which is put)[/i] But when I use it in tpl it is being put twice. I think that shows that function is processing twice.<br />
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How can I prevent the function from processing twice?


CS-Cart has PHP hook called place_order so it seems that you used it. In this case you should:

  1. Create a new function, e.g. fn_myaddon_generate_order_file and move code of fn_myaddon_place_order into new function
  2. Inside body of fn_myaddon_place_order replace content with call of fn_myaddon_generate_order_file
  3. in call fn_myaddon_generate_order_file instead of fn_myaddon_place_order

    if it is not the case, you may assign extra Smarty variables or use PHP static variables, e.g.:
    function fn_myaddon_place_order($variable)
    static $count = 0;

    ... // original code

    now when you call function for the first time $count will be equal to 1 and on the second time it will be 2 so you can use $count variable to return different values inside the function.

    hope it helps.

    best regards,

    WSA team

You can just use the file_exists php function in your custom function. If the file already exists, do not make any changes in the file system

Thanks to both of you.

you are welcome