Double Invoice And Strange Url For Paypal Express Order


I just started using 4.3.4.

I received an order via PayPal Express. Both my customer and myself received two invoices. One had Dear M (I guess first initial), the other had M Kate. Why two and why different. Same order number, and same order. Note the previous order # is missing. It is not incomplete…

In the logs the order went from Create Order- Incomplete to Complete, then complete to Incomplete and then Create Order, Incomplete to Complete. Same order number for both create orders.

Two creates and two status changes for same order.

The last entry in the log for this order was:

Requests (http/https request)


What is this.

I never saw anything like this in 2.2.4 Pro.

What causes this and what is that URL?



Seems like the first invoice occurred somewhere in the PayPal express process. Then during the PayPal express checkout, the customer changed slightly the shipping address while in PayPal and after the change, the order went back to incomplete and then back to Complete after the transaction was completed.

Sort of makes sense, but maybe the cs-cart addon would wait until everything in the transaction was completed and then make the transaction completed.