Don't want to delete product just images

I’ve been trying to delete all the image for about 400 item but the only way i’ve been able to is by using the admin panel and doing it 1 by 1 It would take ages to do. (all i want showing is the regular no image.gif

I used csv and if you re-upload without the image column left blank that doesn’t work even if i do a thumbnail regeneration. (i’ve also put in an imaginary image file but since it doesent exist it uses the old one)

I’ve tried deleting the image files from the image folder but now have a blank space where the old image file use to be .

I could delete the products but that would mean having to do a load of adding global options once the products had been re-uploaded to the website.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Use the “bulk edit” function.

First I would go into your design/appearance/ and change amount of products in the Administrator Settings to show about 100 products.

Then go to the catalog/products and select the products you want to delete the images from. If you want to delete all the images the just check off the box at the top.

Once you have them all selected, go to the bottom of the page and click the link that says “Choose Action”. Then hit “edit selected.”

Then you can go through and unselect all the options you want but make sure you keep “Image pair” selected.

It will put all the products on one page with the images. Next to the image there will be a little red “X” to delete the image. Go through all the images and hit that button.

Once you are at the bottom you can save it

If you are adding new images you can do this the same way BUT I would try to do more than 10 products per page as CS doesn’t seem to want to add more than 10 images at a time using this process.

Hope this helps.

You could also try to export all your images, edit the CSV file and delete the url to the images, re-import then go in and clean up the image storage directory. I would think this would be a pretty fast way to do it. Never tried it but logically it should work.


U r fast

worked a treat

Thanks for your fast reply.