Don't show storefronts block in admin dashboard

This is in regards to Cs-cart single store free version. I think that the storefronts block on dashboard is not useful information and it’s a waste of space. That block should only show up if Cs-cart detects multiple storefronts, else don’t show the block.
Also, why is it only multivendor admins and not single stores that get a nice information tab showing popular products?

Cs-cart should work on building powerful admin features that help admins understand customer behaviour on the site. Right now the features available are mostly for a customer who has already purchased something. What about potential customers looking around? I know Google analytics can do this but adding some of these features natively would set the bar high for Cs-cart competitors.

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You can hide this block via simple modification.

Could you please clarify this? I am afraid I cannot understand what tab you are referring to.

At the moment, Google Analytics seems to be the most universal solution, and unfortunately there are no plans to implement new analytics features in CS-Cart in the near future.

I was referring to this. When do popular products start to show on the dashboard? Is there a required number of products sold before a product can show up there?

Kindly share the modification we can use.

Where did you get this screenshot? This section was in the early stages of the Vendor Dashboard overhaul and existed for one day! :smiley:

This section is currently not available in the vendor dashboard as it was only a layout based on demo data at the time of the overhaul, with no backend to process such data.

You can create an empty override for this one template if you don’t need it:

Make sure that this override contains at least an HTML comment, as overrides without any content at all will simply be skipped when the page is rendered.

Haha :smile: I guess I was sold by the renders shown on Cs-cart 4.16.1 marketing page. That’s where I got the screenshot. I was like that’s nice and quickly logged onto my site and could’t find that.
Thanks for letting me know that was only a demo.

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Will this be overridden when updating Cs-cart?

How do I phrase or write the name of an overridden version of that .tpl file? Also, inside the file can I add any random html and comment it?

Please try to use


with the following content

<div class="hidden"><\div>

(!) Not tested

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This file already exists. My question is do I have to create another one with similar name and put in commented html or should I touch the default file? If I have to work with the default file, then what do I do with the code already inside it?

Sure this


exists, but does this



@ecomlabs is showing you how to override the default file to avoid update conflict.


Do not touch default file. Just override it with the My changes module (per my example)

@ecomlabs got the point! :slight_smile:

You can also check this one article for the details on hooks and overrides: