Don't add new pages to menu

Just a quick one that would make things easier for me.

I would like to be able to tick a box in the CMS system when adding new pages and/or topics which will add the item to the “Site Info” box.

As it is, I have some topics and pages that I want to link to elsewhere and don’t want them shown here.

Or can I already do this and I’m missing something?



Can this be done with an order by statement in php?

Not familiar with the files, but it should work.

I’m no php programmer…

Are you saying that if I added a simple ‘flag’ (eg a yes/no checkbox) to each page I could then perhaps just change/add to the statement so it only shows the ones with yes checked?

Wouldn’t this be WHERE, or am I getting hold of the wrong end of the stick?



Ok, now I do not have knowledge of how the pages are added to the specific area as I am not totally into this cart yet.

I will be soon enough, but right now am a cherry waiting to get busted.

I have used something like this in the past on other carts where the static pages I created were by default added to a specific location, and i did not want hem to show there, i wanted them to be linked by other means or by a logo or ad.

What I did was find the order by code for the accumulation of all of those static pages. I then added a bit of code to make it where when the page was created, I could give that page a heavier number than originally attached by default.


If I have several pages already created in my page generator, and they are like so, page one has a number of 5, page two has number of 10 and so on. That is the order they will appear, (5, 20, 15, 20 etc.)

Now I create a new static page and it is automatically given the page order of 40. I then change it manually to over 500. Then I add the following code:

{section name=pg loop=$pages_menu}

{if $pages_menu[pg].orderby lt 500}




You can see the addition in the order by of 500 break over. This says to the platform to make pages over 500 unseen or hidden in the area where pages are shown by default. Also the “pages_menu” is the name of the file where the static pages are placed together to be shown iin the default area. If you find the file for cscart, then you will then be able to modify this code to help you make the modification and hide those pages you wish to hide by simply changing their orderby number over 500.

This is what you need, but I am not sure where the pages are set up, so that is my downfall, but it should give you a head start on the situation.

Thanks for the info. I’ll wait till 1.3.3 is installed and take a closer look.