domain setting


I'm trying to install cs-cart. it is done.

But domain is not cleared. → this is ok


when i use this domain, the website is coming out.

Please, help me what do i do?

Thanks a lot!

Do not know what you mean by “the website is coming out”.

Verify your settings in both .htaccess (RewriteBase)) and your http_host and https_host settings in config.local.php.

when i typed “”, it is open but i can't open the website, when i typed “

What do i fix in config.local.php?

I'm sorry, I'm still struggling to identify what you mean. You've listed the same domain twice and say it opens on one, but not on the other (but they are the same URL).

When I paste into the address bar of my browser, all looks fine. It's opening a page for a demo store.