domain forwarding service fees

I don’t buy and sell domain names nor do I take much interest in the process of all the ins/outs with purchasing a domain name which is why i’m thinking i have this question…

I have a domain name that was purchased just over a year ago. recently i was asked to renew it for another specified period of time. which i did. recently i recieved another request to pay a “domain forwarding” fee.

Of the few other domain names i have purchsed I have never been hit for anything more than the purchase price and renewal fees. maybe these costs were included which would explain it.

So, please be gentle, what is “domain forwarding” and should i renew it?

Thanks for your time.

Confused and lazy as usual.


Theres a lot of factors this depends on, rather than a simple yes or no.

Most domains allow you to point the DNS records to your own IP provider etc free of charge, otherwise they would be useless

Whilst allowing this, they also offer you hosting or forwarding options which are not always needed.

It all depends on how you are hosting your site, if you can add external domains by using DNS / IP settings etc., if not then really you will need the forwarding option.

This means, the domain provider actually host’s your domain and sets it to redirect to another url of your choice, so yes theres normally always a charge all be it a very small charge usually.

If your host lets you add external domains, and your domain provider lets you re-point yours via DNS then you dont need forwarding.

Damn, im confusing myself now… Hope that helps in some way ???


Thank you.

Didn’t get a clear resposne from the domain name issuer but my host seems to think it is of no value as the dns is with them.

Thank you for your time.