Doh ! - How To Work Faster In The Admin Area

I had just sort of always assumed that I could only have one screen open when working in the admin area.

But it’s not true - you can have multiple screens open! Right Click - new tab or window.

This saves loads of time - while I am waiting for the server to upload or jumping back and forth.

Is it just myself who has been a dummy - or anyone else prepared to confess? :oops:

Page - Nope, just you. :stuck_out_tongue: But nice to remind people that this can be done with the later browsers.

I use separate tabs frequently when processing orders… open a new tab for each order, I can copy/paste similar messages to all before I complete the order, etc. Saves much time from going back and forth between all and individual orders.

Same goes for editing products if you don’t want to do the import/export thing.