Does your store get more than 5 sales a week?

I’m curious. Does your store get 5 sales a week or more?

Voting is anonymous. 5 is 5 so no need to exaggerate to lengthen your manhood. :wink:

My store is seasonal, but even on a really really bad week I get many more than that!

Is it worth having a webstore for less than 5 sales a week?

Ahh well that depends on what your selling and how much profit there is to be made :wink: altough I must admit, I would be really p$“£$£” off if I was selling less than 5 items a week.

We average about 5 sales a day if not more. It has slowed down since we opened a ebay store and a retail location.

Not yet but we’re a new site and still trying to get “out there”. We haven’t even had a thousand hits yet and we sell “unique” items.

I can’t wait for it to pick up though :p.