Does Cs-Cart Work With Square?

I am seriously considering CS-Cart as a solution for our ecommerce. However, we are discussing converting all of our credit card processing to Square.

Does CS-Cart have an easy solution for Square? Is there an Add-on in place now?


John F.

I did not find such a module on CS-Cart Marketplace. Hire someone from this forum to integrate it for you.

From the Square Support Center (Square's Payments API FAQ | Square Support Center - US):

Square doesn't provide a shared API or payment gateway for processing payments, but do offer a few options. With our partners – Weebly and Bigcommerce – you're able to seamlessly integrate online payments with your Square Register account and process orders directly from your partner-hosted E-Commerce website.”

My bank-provided merchant account provides a dongle so I can swipe for payments (just like Square). Additionally I have a PayPal dongle that does the same thing. Square is just a proprietary version of that tech - it's OK if you want to run one of their Saas stores and be married to them forever.

I wish

It does now...