Does cs-cart support clustering for large business?

Although cs-cart now claims that the cart is for small or medium size business, are they planning to support big business as their customer grows?


Is this topic too huge or sth?

Hoping someone will notice this.


I guess it all depends on what you mean by big business.

Do you mean the amount of products or the amount of sales? I know that CS can handle pretty big business in this reguard, but it sounds like you need a dedicated server to be able to expand very big and have lots of daily sales with high database demands.

I of course really don’t know what I am talking about since I am very small and only have a few sales every week (so far), but I know there are quite a few guys on here that do a whole heck of a lot more.


Is there any session clustering like feature from cs-cart? To support load balancing and etc. In case someone’s business goes up to enterprise level.

Thanks you.

Then that sir is the responsibility of the webmaster involved.

Short Answer = No, it’s a server process

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]Then that sir is the responsibility of the webmaster involved.

Short Answer = No, it’s a server process[/QUOTE]

Thank you Jesse!

I’ve never heard of someone who was running CS who needed to have a server cluster but it is possible if you have the cash, however this question got me thinking how CS2 compares to some of the large scale e-commerce applications. I just got done wasting alot of time testing Elasticpath and Everest against CS2, both software’s are in the millions and run by some of the top Fortune 500 companies. We’re not comparing apples to apples here but when you just look at the e-commerce side of these 3 applications side by side CS2 wins hands down when it comes to usability, CS2 was alot faster then Elasticpath/Everest websites and gives the regular business an affordable, powerful platform that is comparable to these platforms for only $265, and that’s what makes CS great because it has the capability that enables the average business owner to run an effective and affordable solution that is as professional as the big boys…

Wow, amazing reply. Your time is not wasted and I think the same as you.

Just because cs-cart is so powerful that I really want to know its capability and scalability.

All in all, best luck for cs-cart in the long run.