Does cs-cart good for heavy trafic eCommerce

if any website has 100 visitor in any time in the day, does cs-cart will able to accommodate this trafice? Does cs-cart has capacity to handle this trafic? what will be requirement of hosting?

I have website and I had bitter experience with cs-cart performance i have 3 GB memory and 2.2 Cpu and i can not accommodated 5 visitor in same time. I have been suffering using best cloud server with cpanel/whm.

Is there anyone can help with this issue.

I have fully managed Cloud Server, server has no issue at all, provider always mention me optimize your scripts and database. I told them we are using cs-cart still they are advising to optimize it.

another issue home page is really good but when I am going to any category website goes slow and cpu load goes o.2 to 5.0 cpu where only one visitor… it happend in the category page.

Any advise and any experience of this issue.

Could be cloud server causing the problems. I know some people here use it with great success, but I also know some say cloud servers suck for heavy database driven sites like cs-cart.

I have a vps with about the same specs (less memory) and have had 12 to 15 visitors online at the same time without any problem (I was going through admin to test speed). I had 300 - 400 products at the time and loads of features.