Does not work with CS-Cart

We had taken our store down for a few years and just started the process of reopening it. We created a new account on via chase and when I do a test order on the live store, the submit my order button fails to do anything.

I’ve noticed that the processor option in cs-cart does not have the HMAC-SHA512 hash but still uses md5 which was phased out.

Can I still get to work with cs-cart?


It would require a developer to intergrate. A number of developers offer additional payment gateways see the cs cart marketplace

cs-cart offers paypal and stripe intergrations which can accept credit card payments (with automatic payment splitting between vendors and market place) … current discussion on release of version 16.1 includes stripe mentions.

Possibly something was changed in the latest versions. Please address this issue to support team


As far as I can see from the Authorize.NET documentation here:

The Advanced Integration Method (AIM), that is used in CS-Cart, is still usable, however marked as deprecated.


The API is now obsolete and in the process of being phased out. An alternative solution is suggested.

Sorry, but I don’t see any usage of md5 within this payment method.