Does anyone here sell single items that can't be re-stocked ?

CS-Cart 3.0.6

I just had a nightmare weekend. Great sales but on one occasion the same item

was purchased ( AND paid for ) by two separate buyers.

I have inventory tracking enabled and there was only 1 item in stock.

Will disabling inventory control prevent this nightmare happening again ???

I have been told it 'should' but I need to be sure and CS-Cart support is good

but slow and I need to know very soon.

Seems a strange thing to suggest but I'm no expert when it comes to the configuration of cs-cart.

When you see “track inventory” you would assume this is controling what's in stock and what's not, so turning it off would suggest it would create the exact problem you are having.

Can you tell me if you see any carts in the abandand & live carts section ?

I'm with Kickoff. Seems like turning off inventory would be opposite. Leave it on and check (or uncheck) the box that says “alllow add to cart for zero inventory items” (or something similar).

I don't have an option like

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]“allow add to cart for zero inventory items”[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]I did have one like “[/font][/color][color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]allow add to cart for zero priced items”[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]but it's VANISHED.[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]Oh gawd…my cart is haunted.[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]I do so wish that support was a tad faster.[/font][/color]

The CS-Cart software engineers should really really really stabilise

a version before adding bells and whistles and beating their drum about

newer versions.

Especially where manuals are concerned.

I am on 3.0.6 and all I have is the 3.0.4 manual.

It's almost like being sold a giraffe and given a manual

for riding an elephant.

How many items do you have ? if not a lot export the products to csv file and just change the setting on all product to this;

Inventory tracking


Free shipping


Zero price action


I might have been mistaken. If you are managing inventory for an item and that item has less than or equal to zero in stock then the item is not in stock. But there is (or used to be) an option to allow the user to add to the cart knowing the item will be backordered. But I have not spent the time to become too familiar with V4 admin area yet.

I sell single items (or limited editions) exactly like you do.

I've never had this problem in v3.0.6

I suspect you've got a Catalog Settings option, or a Product inventory option that is selected incorrectly.

The relevant items are:

Settings > General > Catalog Section:

Enable inventory tracking (checked)

Allow negative amount in inventory (unchecked)

Products > Product General Tab:

Inventory (Track without options)

Zero price action is irrelevant to this problem.

If those values are set correctly, then the problem was related to the first purchaser's order DID NOT debit the inventory -1. If that's true, then you've messed up the Inventory action in the Order Statuses - they are set correctly right out of the box:

Backordered, Canceled, Declined, Failed - Increase inventory

Open, Processed, Completed (I rename this to Shipped) - Decrease inventory

Honestly, I have more problems with a Processed Order debiting the inventory twice. I think this happens when they pay by PayPal and use the browser's Back button to go back to checkout, but I don't know.


Allow negative amount in inventory (unchecked)


That's the option I was trying to remember but my brain had the zero-price-action stuck in there instead… Thanks Magpie for straightening this out.

Apparently ( according to support ) it's a PayPal standard problem.

Because the first buyer did not select 'return to merchant' after payment CScart

did not recognise it as processed and the second buyer was still able to purchase

and pay for the same item.

This double payment only happened a few times but the far worse ( related ) problem

reared it's head a few times.

Customers would buy 10 items, pay for them then return to buy and pay for more.

The result was the order for the 10 initial items simply vanished and all the items

became available for sale again with the new order assuming the initial order number.

I tried putting a message at the payment option, advising the correct procedure post purchase

but it wasn't noticed.

My only workaround until it's sorted is to create a PayPal payment option for 'offline'

processing and I send the customer a PayPal invoice.

Generally a little sucky because of the extra manual effort required but no double purchasing

or disappearing first orders since.


We sell about 25,000 items that cannot be re-stocked. We use PayPal Advanced and have never had this problem of someone purchasing an item that was already purchased.

CS-Cart has generally been very stable. I have a lot of add-ons and custom programming, but I have been extremely happy with CS-Cart's performance.

[size=5]Thanks jegesmaci.[/size]

[size=5]Looks like the problem is a PayPal Standard issue[/size]

[size=5]according to support.

25,000 items and no PayPal problems means my[/size]

[size=5]next step is to definitely check out [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]PayPal Advanced.

I hope it's not guru territory.[/font][/color][/size]

Too hard for me…lol

On another thread someone mentioned an Auto return setting in PayPal.

I found it but I am confused because I have several non CScart websites

and the Auto return needs to be set to only one confirmation page url.

Have to rattle PayPal tech in the morning.

I use paypal standard and never had that problem. I have customers order 100 items at a time.

I do have a problem with some leaving full carts after orders, meaning when the customer comes back they have a cart full of items they have to delete unless I see it first and delete it in admin.

I've not got return url set in paypal either.

I don't usually have any problems with payments kickoff3pm.

Support stated how it might happen ( 2 customers being able to buy and

pay for the same item ) but offered no solution.

[quote name='termalert' timestamp='1381654572' post='169635']

I don't usually have any problems with payments kickoff3pm.

Support stated how it might happen ( 2 customers being able to buy and

pay for the same item ) but offered no solution.


This is why I don't even bother asking them. If it wasn't for this forum my site would never have even been launched. As far as I'm concerned all these bugs in the product don't get fixed simply because they earn money from them. You'll seldom see support staff post fixes or even simple solutions in this for forum. Seems to me they would rather take support credits from people one at a time rather then fixing their bugs for free.

The cart is usable if you can find your way though all the niggles and can work with the areas that don't work at all. But never mind if you update to v4.whatever you can change the colour of your menu so that worth the price alone for some < I'm told.

I hope you find your solution but pretty sure you'll be left like me, having an online shop which you are not fully condifent in and on slow periods when orders are hard to get the will be this voice in your head telling you “This is something wrong and people are having trouble placing orders”.

Version 4.0.2 can stay right where it is in my foreseeable future

even though I can still upgrade at no cost.

I can get along quite well without all the whizbang 'improvements'.


I had a couple of similar problems that you had, only with Amazon payments. A customer would start to purchase with Amazon Payments and at some point in the process “think” it did not go through. Went back to the cart (possibly with back button) and then check out via credit card. The end result is that Amazon Did complete the order and it was also completed via credit card. However, there was only one invoice for the order-the one for the credit card. This happened in one user session The customer just told me to send the item twice. This was good for me, since Amazon gives you negative performance for cancelling orders.

I have seen this more than once, but not often and I do think its “User Error”. Not sure how every possible action a customer can do can be compensated for, especially for off-site processing methods. At least for me its a very low level, detectable and I just have to contact customer to explain and resolve.

I also have the same feelings that you do with new versions. I don't consider going form 2.24 to 3.x to 4.x upgrades. My observations on the forum is that we are really going to new carts, not upgraded carts. In the old days, upgrade is just pushing a button in the admin, make changes to anything customized and if nothing customized, your are done upgrading.

Have no idea when I can go to 4.0x, seems to risky now. I really only want to see fixes for a long time and nothing new. I leave that up to the very capable developers in this forum. That's about the only reason I would upgrade, because the developers will focus on newer versions (makes sense) and I want to take advantage of the new add-on, modules.


I think that all the bug fixes should be organized somewhere so everyone can take advantage of them. If appropriate, replacement files. I know with all the customization, you can't just replace an entire tpl file with the fix, but for many people like myself, I do little customization and replacing an entire file or use sql to fix a bug is easier for me then editing a file.

Also, there are probably (guess) other “bugs” detected and reported that are fixed that were never posted to the bug report in the forum and these should be posted with fixes on a special page.


[quote name='termalert' timestamp='1381614312' post='169624']

Apparently ( according to support ) it's a PayPal standard problem.

Because the first buyer did not select 'return to merchant' after payment CScart

did not recognise it as processed and the second buyer was still able to purchase

and pay for the same item.


This doesn't explain the problem you described in your OP. This would result in the order status being OPEN and the product would be deducted from the inventory.

Also with PayPal Pro, the settings I use for Auto Return for Website Payments are:

Auto Return = ON

Return ULR = https://www.mydomain…eckout.complete

(should read: /index.php?dispatch=checkout.complete)

On the Order Landing Page Location, I added a HTML block that includes the necessary language that PayPal requires - no other “Page” is required. I believe this updates the order to Processed.

The only time there are problems is when the customer pays via PayPal (which should trigger the Auto Return), but the customer instead uses the Back button to go back to the cart. I can then end up with the inventory debited twice.

If your inventory is NOT being debited when the customer is proceeding to PayPal, then there is something wrong with the Inventory action in your Order Statuses - just clicking the button to go to PayPal ALONE, should create the order and put the order into an Open status and debit the inventory.

Hi Magpie.

All order statuses are correct BUT thinking back I had the Backordered Status

set to Decrease ( since set to Increase ). I guess I changed it because it

didn't look right…lol

All Statuses now set as they should be. This may well have been the cause

of the two buying one item occurrence.

Time will tell but I also have introduced another payment method called PayPal

invoice which is basically Offline and I send customers a PayPal invoice.

This method will prevent another customer grabbing the item(s).