Does 3.x now offer bundled templates?

Haven't looked at 3.x since in a long time. Does it now offer more bundled templates than one? Thanks.

No it does not.

Thanks for the reply. Is this the plan going forward? Will all skins/templates come from 3rd party sources?

Your guess is as good as ours. CS-Cart initially said more templates would be bundled with the software in the near future. I presume this plan got ditched when planning and development went into V3.1.1. There's hope yet…

This is actually a critical sales tool for newbies. One of the first things people do when test driving new carts is to experiment with layouts and skins.

Ok, having used ver 2 previously I was very disappointed to notice there are no templates included in ver 3. I have no problem editing via css or blocks but this is a major step backwards. The ease with which the site could have it's theme changed was a big attraction. Does anybody know if there are going to be some templates released?

Before somebody states the obvious, I know I can buy templates online but I did just spend over 300$ for one template…

No word about bundled templates. I find that it is very unlikely that anything will be done with v3.0

Perhaps in v3.1 you will see a resurgence of the freebie templates, but at the rates that CS-Cart charges for custom work i would think that they would be shooting themselves in the foot if they offered users multiple templates included at the cost of the software license.

If you don’t know anything about CSS but are willing to spend about an hour to learn some, then try this addon:

Thanks for the reply/link. I actually don't mind playing around with css files but there's no doubt the base templates were a time saver. I reckon it's a bit cheeky to remove a key feature on a previous release and then attempt to charge for it on the new release.

Incidentally, when you are talking about multiple template options are we simply talking about CSS changes (backgrounds, colors, fonts, etc). I don't remember the v2. templates very well but aside from the items previously mentioned I don't believe that there was any real difference between the 20 or so that were included. Am I wrong?

I've checked the older site I'm running and the skins include their own images folder and for me the not having to create or modify menu images really speeds things up. I still don't understand how this option was there and now is not…

I won't speak for CS-Cart's motivation for doing away with the templates in this version. I'm sure it has something to do with a tradeoff between advancing options and functionality and the time spent on developing the core files versus time spent on design enhancements.

Perhaps in their mind the block design system was the best use of resources as it gives non-coders an edge in creating unique page layouts without having to hard code changes.