Documents white page when edit clicked

In the admin, I clicked on documents and they all loaded fine. I wanted to make changes to the invoice so I clicked on the edit in the drop-down and the invoice loaded a blank page.

What had originally happened is, I edited the invoice (which showed up fine originally) and clicked on save. It then loaded a blank page. Now, when I go to documents in the admin, which all load (Gift Certificate Default, Invoice, Order Summary, Packing Slip, Return Request: Packing Slip, Suppliers Invoice) when I click on them to edit the gift Certificate loads fine. However, when I click on any of the others, they load a blank page. Is their someway I can undo my changes? I cannot see anywhere to undo my changes because they will not load.

Plus, when I am in an order and click on print or edit invoice, a blank page also received. I or the customer cannot print invoices.


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It is required to examine issue on your CS-Cart installation. At first try to check server error logs for new records

Can you help fix the issue?

Thanks, Kit

Our specialists can examine the issue on the paid basis. Please drop a request here

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I went to your link and submitted a message for help. My store is complete and was working fine, so I went live and opened the store. Now that its live, it seems to have issues.


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