<!doctype Html> Not A First Line


According to Google rules:


Be sure that the confirmation page uses the HTML5 DOCTYPE:

This doctype must be the first line item in the HTML code on your page.



I checked CS CART and comes the second line (also on demo store).

Although it is easy to correct (delete empty line in YOURTHEME/templates/index.tpl) I would like to clarify if it is made on purpose by CS CART or it is a mistake?


Whitespace is ignored.


just remove the following lines of code and put doctype to the first line

{*  To modify and rearrange content blocks in your storefront pages
    or change the page structure, use the layout editor under Design->Layouts
    in your admin panel.
There, you can:

* modify the page layout
* make it fluid or static
* set the number of columns
* add, remove, and move blocks
* change block templates and types and more.

You only need to edit a .tpl file to create a new template
or modify an existing one; often, this is not the case.

Basic layouting concepts:

This theme uses the Twitter Bootstrap 2.3 CSS framework.

A layout consists of four containers (CSS class .container):

Containers are partitioned with fixed-width grids (CSS classes .span1, .span2, etc.).

Content blocks live inside grids. You can drag'n'drop blocks
from grid to grid in the layout editor.

A block represents a certain content type (e.g. products)
and uses a certain template to display it (e.g. list with thumbnails).


Then clear cache and check