Do you really need a Help Desk login to create a forum account?!?!

Yea, you have to purchase a license before you get full access here.

the problem I have is that I purchase licenses for my clients, however, I do it under my account rather than creating a new helpdesk account for each one of them… but the way that it’s designed, you can’t do that… you can’t easily create a forum account for a “sub-user” (client) without actually creating a helpdesk account for each one…

[quote name=‘Unregistered’]AGH I can’t signup for a Forum account because it wants a Help Desk login details![/QUOTE]

Stop your AGH, ok?

Just an FYI - Luckdragon and I work together, and although typically it’s not an issue because we manage our customers store and they have no need to ask questions or go to the forums, we have run into an issue with one client 6 months after the fact where we are constantly questioned about programming changes we made to make their cart work in special ways, or with special modifications. Now they want a CS-Cart Expert, so I’m glad to say that the CS-Cart Team has made modifications to allow us to give them a forum account at least - the only problem with that is that when I create the user account under our account on the help desk - they can see all of our tickets related to other clients as well - so I immediately had to change their login/password details since that is none of their concern and of course, would violate our confidentiality with our other customers (not to mention opening tickets that we would be charged for)

From this point forward one the questions I will be asking is how they intend to do things - run their store or figure out how to make their changes all on their own. I’ve been told that in order to create help desks for clients that I will have to purchase the resellers license (something I wish I had understood better prior to this happening as we have already spent enough to have bought the license) - this is just an FYI in case other developers run into this issue but don’t have the resellers license - if your client wants their own help desk - don’t buy it under your main account - have them buy their own license & let them know that they will have to pay the extra costs of installation to either you or to CS-Cart.

Like I said - an FYI - hope it helps someone else so they don’t have to go through what we are going through now…nothing against the CS Cart team - I just didn’t understand it because it was never an issue until now.