Do you know of a product finder mod? Explained:

Hi guys,

3 months of using CS-Cart and needless to say it is by far the best out there.

I’m starting to look at mods now and I really need your help and advice.

As I stock lots of parts I would like (as some other stores have) a system where I can scan diagrams from manuals into CS-Cart and customers can rollover the parts which will then make maybe a small pop-up which is linked to that item in the cart and they can then click on it to go to that part’s page or click on the ‘add to cart’.

I appreciate I would still have to code all the parts and link the areas of the diagrams to their respective products but having a system that would ask me to enter the part number when I choose a part of the image and then automatically links it up for customers. The ability to first have a drop down or grid of available diagrams would also be important.

I guess I could do this all in HTML and code up the hotspots but does anyone know of a mod that does this?

Is there a mod that is close?

Many thanks for your time. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of a place that does mods then? Even if they charge a little :slight_smile:

They have really good service

Thanks fella :smiley:

I tried them but they cooled off after a few emails (which even mentioned paying them) and now I can’t get an answer :frowning:

Oh well…looks like I’ll have to sit tight and wait for the world to catch on to CS-Cart and then many will start to mod the software. It really is streets ahead of many of the most popular store softwares out there :slight_smile: