Do we really need local_conf.php ?

Do we really need to put our local modifications such as

$config['admin_index'] = 'myadmin.php';

in local_conf.php


config.local.php it is just ignored and it is not being overwriten during upgrades process?

if it’s in config.local.php then it is not overwritten during upgrade.

However, it’s a pretty pointless and useless change. It adds a false sense of security to the administrator and does not solve any real problems whatsoever. Additionally, having this be a sticky error message is annoying to say the least. It should have been shown once and only once, or at least shown only until upgraded again after it was introduced.

Any competent hacker will be able to see the activity to the site and capture whatever new name an administrator applies anyway.

As long as passwords are of reasonable length an contain both letters, numbers and special characters,along with SSL, the site is secure.

thanks for the tips