Do we actually still need an SSL certificate if using CRE Secure

[color=“#000000”]CRE Secure’s [/color][color=“#000000”]website states it is the [/color]only online payment system that complies with PCI security rules and provides a hosted checkout page that instantly mirrors any retailer’s …read more>>>


I won’t be using them for processing though. Just using one of their recommended gateways.

So wasn’t exactly sure where this left me with the purchase of the SSL Cerficate or if even needed since the customer won’t be entering any sensitive CC data nor will it be stored anywhere on our website. Actually through CRE Secure, the area for entering the customer’s CC data is only “mirrored” so to speak on your own website without the customer actually leaving it. I found this quite appealing.

This is our first experiece with a paid shopping cart outside of taking them to Paypal directly which we did not like because it took them away from our website. So just want to do this right.

Thanks again for your help. :)

Well either I asked a dumb question or no one is here that has the answer quite yet. :-o


i use cresecure and do have an SSL certificate. Maybe I am wrong, but I feel I still need it in areas where customers are creating their account. Also, customers are “taught” to look for https in the cart. They do see the https when putting in cc info into the cresecure form, but some also look for it in the cart and when creating their account. To me, an SSL certificate is so cheap, that I just have one to cover all areas of the cart where persona information is added and where customers expect to see the https.



First, thank you for the kind words - we also believe our ability to mirror the site and provide a seamless user experience is a great advantage.

Yes, an SSL certificate is required to utilize CRE Secure (I am with CRE). Your description of the process is absolutely correct. Since there is communication with your website behind the scenes (at a minimum for the template page) we do require this to provide the best possible security during all aspects of the payment flow.

Hopefully this helps and we look forward to working with you!



Makes sense!