Do people even use cs-cart no code?

As someone who appreciates cs-cart’s robust features, I was happy for cs-cart when they introduced no code. But their pricing and feature structure was very disappointing. For example the fact that no code comes with third party themes that no one asked for instead of just allowing users to buy and use their preferred third party themes and addons.
Also just the fact that you are stuck with default payment gateway, is a draw back. I am not sure how complicated this is for the team to make no code fully viable, but I feel like this is a missed opportunity for cs-cart. Especially in a market where big saas players out there are charging only $30/m with options to add own addons and multiple admins.
I am aware cs-cart is working on a large scale headless version from ground-up, but guys if you are going to abandon the legacy cs-cart, at least the offers should make a lot of sense.
Thousands of dollars per year for a software that uses old technology and UI and barely has mobile apps for admins is a bit too much for new entrepreneurs in this era.

Having it hosted and including the helpdesk sweatens the deal, if I was entering the market I would certainly consider it.

Yes if they had at least 2 admins in the base offer, plus the ability to buy and use your own addons and themes. This would be a great deal for people entering the niche marketplace.
This would also mean third party developers could benefit more by selling addons to both no code as well as on-premise buyers leading to a bigger and engaged community.

Not sure what point you are trying to make, you have at least three choices,

No code: same program base for everyone, they worry about the mainteance an hosting.
Hosted on cs-cart servers: (with or without support) you can have your own code base
Own premises: (with or without support)

That pretty much caters for any experience level, budget, or use-case (except the case where cs-cart would be responsible for any defective add-on you chose to purchase from any cowboy, or knocked up yourself breaking cs-cart in the mean-time).

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I can see you’ve missed my point.
The no code you are referring to is actually, hosted on cs-cart servers. Also customers don’t have to worry about hosting here, that’s the whole point it’s saas. Those are not two offers.
The on premise is a good offer if an entrepreneur has the kind of budget.
No offence mate, but you made it sound like cs-cart developers are irrelevant. Those cowboys are actually important to cs-cart. Cs-cart can’t do everything by itself. See what happened to BlackBerry :smiley:

I think its the other way around, the three offerings I describe exist

no code: Best No-Code marketplace builder | CS-Cart Multivendor No-Code
hosing: Fully managed VPS and Cloud hosting for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor
on premisis:
Prices - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor On-Premises

My point was that you cant have it both ways, no code/no care and be able to choose add ons and have cs cart responsible for maintaining it because you could choose addons developed by anyone. No code is a fixed offering, if you want flexability then you take on the liability/risk.

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I see what you are trying to say. I get that some poor quality addons might be work for cs-cart to maintain in no code. My point was, if cs-cart is going to throw in a bunch of random addons and themes by default (which they did), they might as well just give people access or option add good themes and addons of their choosing. There are really good addons and themes on the marketplace that are not included in no code by default.

Hi! Could you please suggest the add-ons?

It depends on what you want to achieve. You can start here
I have my personal favourites based on good design and usefulness.