Do not get email notifications purchase

Good day to all.

I write to seek help again.

By making a purchase does not come any notification or report to the user nor the administrator.

Is there some setting wrong?

I hope I can help.

Thank you very much.

What is the email sending method have you configured on your admin panel which is located at SETTINGS > EMAILS? If you are using an SMTP server, then you should change the parameters accordingly.

Hello, mifzal.

I went into the Admin Panel> Administration> Configuration> Email Options

And there I set the posts in SMTP method

I also tried using the “PHP Mail”

Still not send the report of purchase.

NOTE: Attachment preview email options.

Administración – Configuración - Administration panel_1320675813728.jpg

Did you check under Order Statuses?

Notify customer: Notify orders department: both checked?

Also check under SettingsCompany

THANK YOU, zeero6.

It worked entering the Admin Panel> Shopping> Order Status

And in every one of them, click to edit

Mark the option to “Notify the customer” and also “Sales Report”

I love this forum.

My customers are not receiving any mails when they request for password using their “FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD” feature. This issue started all of a sudden and it working fine before. What could be the issue

Even when they place orders, they do not receive any notifications. It was working fine too.