Do I Need To Use The Noindex / Nofollow Tag For Https Pages?


I've recently converted my whole site to https with an apache redirect.

I'm using cs cart version 4.2.4.

Following the instructions here:

So I've made the changes to the func.php file as described here:

And here:

However, I'm confused as to whether I also need to remove the following line in the file:

Reading this thread ( there seems to be conflicting views.

Can someone please clarify?


I'd just delete (or comment out) the line. The specific links that should be set to nofollow (like login, etc.) are already set that way.

Thank you.

And what is the character to comment in this file?

"//", "#" or some other?


you can comment it out with these

{* your code would be here *}


Since it's html, I'd use an html comment

But the smarty comments will work too.