Do any of you use Amazon to sell products?

I got an email the other day from Amazon about selling products through them. I thought it was probably some type of spam email so I didn’t bother responding. Than this morning I got a call from Amazon about the same thing, so I guess the email was real.

The lady I spoke to said that Amazon wanted me to sell my products through their site. This would in no way effect my existing site, but would help spread my products online further.

She said the cost of selling through Amazon is $40.00 per month plus 15% of the sale. The 15% includes the credit card fees.

She said that I would be able to upload a csv or xml file that would put my products on Amazon. I would also be able to upload a file to handle inventory management.

She made everything sound pretty simple, but that is what a sales person’s job is.

For those of you who shop with Amazon you will have noticed that when you look at an item there is almost always one from Amazon and other items from other sellers. Basically I would just be another seller.

I think I am going to try it. She says that there is no contract and so if I am not happy after 1 month than I can just not continue with the service.

What I am hoping to find out is if anyone on here uses this service. If you do, does it work? How easy is it? Does it generate sales?

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It’s in my Development Schedual, but at this time no.

Hi. I’ve been selling through amazon for about a year now. It generates a small portion of what I sell online but it’s not bad. Generally people who buy from Amazon are much more polite than on ebay!

The csv file to upload is a little complicated at first. I would test an upload with a couple products to see if it successfully loaded first. I basically copy and paste columns from my products export from cscart.

The main annoying feature about amazon is that you have to print each packing slip individually. I’m sure there are 3rd party softwares that do this faster, but I have not gotten there.

The main trick is to get their “buy box” which means that your product gets added to the cart automatically. If you don’t have the buy box, that means that to find your product you have to click on the “10 new and used” link. But I think the fact that Amazon is seeking out means that there will be little competition as the are seeking out a niche to be filled. You should do well if there are few sellers selling the identical thing.

I would do it. I have a lot of people buy one thing off of amazon and then find my website, which has better deals. It’s good advertising and good for reputation. Amazon attracts all kinds of people and are loyal once they begin at amazon. They have shoppers from every generation (my parents are avid amazon shoppers and are 80!).

I hope that helps. If you have any questions, you can pm me.

Ok, that sounds pretty much like I thought. I sent you apm with a couple of questions.

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15% sounds like a lot of money just to advertise on Amazon. You still have to pay shipping and handling.

Hello KBM,

I agree with you, $40.00 per month plus 15% of the sale is a lot of money…

However, as Moka says, if having an Amazon store is profitable, then why not?

Lee Li Pop

[quote name=‘KBM’]15% sounds like a lot of money just to advertise on Amazon. You still have to pay shipping and handling.[/QUOTE]

Thats why sometimes the postage seems extra high from the sellers. perhaps to recoupe the money lost on the item.

[QUOTE]Thats why sometimes the postage seems extra high from the sellers. perhaps to recoupe the money lost on the item.[/QUOTE]

You bet, gotta make up for the lost gross profit margin someplace. We do the same thing for our ebay listings, add an additional 15% to all listings. I almost feel sorry for the purchaser on each ebay order as in too bad they didnt find our “real site” …

I guess it has something to do with the whole “ebay Experience” of which I find to be nothing more than mass confusion when I go there!

Is the 15% a standardized charge or does it depend on the average $ per transaction or total monthly volume?

I sell furniture so %15 on a $2k transaction is a huge chunk of cash, even with credit card fees.

For example if you look into Paypal Pro payment processing they advertise 2.9% standard but offer discounts based on your monthly volume, however because of the higher $ per transaction that I do they offered me 2.2% right out of the gate and Ive only had 2 transaction with them thus far. I guess everything is negotiable.