Div layer problem with currency and sign in box

Hello all

I have set up a new website, and changed the layout by using the CSS file.

Everything seems fine. However, I want to add a NONE flash banner / slide show to the top of the home page below the top navigation and login.

I have used a 12 leaves banner which is java and divs, pasted in the html code into the banner box. It’s all cool, EXCEPT, now the sign in and currency pop ups don’t open.

The top and side nav sit over the banner fine. I can’t see anyway to fix it. Tried the CSS file and adding layer numbers to the pop up sign in box, but still nothing.

Does anyone have an idea to get around it. If I can change the pop ups to drop downs, I reckon that will work. But I don’t know how to do that.

Site is here (home page is the bust one, but the rest all work A OK).


First, I really like your site. It is a nice looking, clean design. Very professional.

As for your issues, have you tried disabling or deleting the banner block?

From what it looks like to me, you are having some conflicting javascript.

One thing to try is to remove some of the javascript that is being called up. I’d probably start by removing the call to the jquery 1.4.4. I know there has been a lot of discusion about CS-Cart still being on 1.2.6 so maybe that is where the conflict is.

I’m not a javascript expert so I can’t for sure tell you what’s wrong, but that is where I’d start.


Hi Brandon

Yo dude, you undersell yourself! You are right on the button there. I got feedback last night from 12 Leaves, and that is exactly what it was. I just deleted the Java link in the banner code, and bingo, it works fine now.

Many thanks for the kind words on the design. It is difficult to do simple web design work on a big e-shop, as there are so many things to get on the home page etc.

My simple logic with web design is:

  1. What are you selling (nice pics of the products):smiley:
  2. How much are they
  3. Where are you

    If the laptop screen area shows those things clearly it will be ok. It also needs to look as good as possible, as websites get designed better, basic ones can then look like Fraud, which is a real shame, as most are definately not.